Thursday, June 2, 2011

Renovation Hell

Mustard yellow tiles, anyone?  Ugh..

Fascinating to see the half-assed quality of work by previous contractors..apparently hacking halfway through the support joists to run plumbing seemed like a good idea then..

The bathroom renos have started.  Yeah, I knew it was going to be a 'deal' but man it sucks..and I'm not even physically involved.  By that I mean, I'm not the one slugging it out with the vast amounts of plaster and lath rubble that's currently taken over a third of my upstairs.  I've been here before, many times over..renovation hell.  When you've gone past the point of no return..when the rest of your home gets a fine dusting of drywall dust you only see when your friend's little girl starts drawing smiley faces all over your dining room table with her finger.

We've been very fortunate to have a great place to crash for the duration of these dirty, dusty times.  The toilet was finally ripped out of the floor and thrown into the dumpster bin yesterday, which makes for some very carefully planned meal times and control of our fluid intake during the day while we're working at the house..heheh.  It's like being told that the water's been turned off for a few hours and suddenly feeling desperately parched.  The human psyche is our greatest gift and our worst enemy sometimes.

So now you know what's been occupying my time and mind for the last little bit, my time in the studio has been quite limited as a result.  Not to mention the gorgeous summer weather that's suddenly decided to pay us a visit..a long overdue's been hard to resist just sitting on the deck and wriggling my pale, light deprived toes in the warm sunshine after so many months of wool socks and boots.
The plants my mom planted during her visit here not too long ago are thriving, the thrice transplanted rhubarb is being a trooper and has started taking over a good part of the garden, which is always a great excuse to make a strawberry rhubarb pie, a family favorite.

I'm hoping to finish off some pieces this weekend and introduce them into the shop early next week, the inventory is getting a little stale and my hands are also aching to get back to working with metal.  It's time to cut off all my nails again and get back to the bench.

xo Blue Gnome

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