Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrating the Chocolate Bunny

The long weekend is almost here and our weekend looks like rain, rain, rain!  I guess I should really just be thankful it's not snow..we had quite the 'sideways' snow storm last weekend, rain..snow..sunshine..then snow was quite the spectacle.  I suspect Mother Nature was having 'one of those days' that we all have once in a while, but when she has a 'bad day' we all get snow blizzards, trees toppling over and angry rain coming down sideways.  And it's in mid April.  Lovely..

My neighbor came by last night to ask me if I could grab his mail for the next few days, he's meeting his wife and baby boy in Paris or a few days..ooooh, la de dah!    Of course I'm green with envy, I think I've figured out why this winter in particular seems so long and's because I haven't been anywhere this past winter, last year this time I was in sitting on the beaches in Thailand...ahhhh..

 Can't you just feel that sun?

This was me a year ago.. Sigh!

Okay, moving away from the subject of hot and sunny destinations on this cold, damp afternoon, I just wanted to post a picture of this stunning vintage pencil-lined dress on Etsy.  The whole thing is covered in horseshoes..I love it!  Unfortunately, the opportunity to wear this has yet to present itself for me, so it's currently up for grabs for anyone who's into looking fabulous and "Mad Men"-like.  Can't you just see yourself poured into this outfit??  Available currently here.

And finally, in celebration of Easter and all things bunny related, I leave you with my latest favorite so far.  Made entirely of sterling and a ethereal example of prehnite, it's the second of my Folklore Series necklaces.  

Sterling, Prehnite

In many mythic traditions, the rabbit or hare were archetypal symbols of femininity, associated with the lunar cycle, fertility, longevity, and rebirth. But if we look a little deeper into their stories we find that they are also contradictory, paradoxical creatures: symbols of both cleverness and foolishness, of femininity and androgny, of cowardice and courage, of rampant sexuality and virginal purity. In some cultures, Hare is the messenger of the Great Lunar Goddess, moving by moonlight between the human world and the realm of the gods.  He is the messenger of a female moon deity and the guardian of all wild animals. 

Just some food for thought as you nibble on some chocolate bunnies this weekend - hope your weekend is long, relaxing and full of good things.

xo Blue Gnome

Friday, April 15, 2011

Bag Of Goodies For The Weekend

Sterling, Freeform Turquoise

Sterling, Jasper

Sterling, Rose Quartz

Sterling, Prehnite

A few new items to see you through the weekend..available today in the shop!  Hoping you all have a wonderful couple of days enjoying the warmer weather.

xo Blue Gnome

Thursday, April 14, 2011


This past week has been the beginning of our unofficial spring, although the warmer weather has brought rain, last Sunday was an unbelievable 23 degrees.  It's exactly what the plants have been waiting for..overnight bright green buds seemed to have pushed their way up through the soil and there's a definite change in air.  I sat and watched a couple of Robins fight over a worm this morning as I had my morning tea, the warm weather's brought on the renovations in the neighborhood and by 8am, the air was busy with the sound of power tools and hammering, the radio playing faintly in the background reporting news about the rush hour traffic.

I've grown accustomed to city living and I have to admit, even enjoy the sounds of the bustling city once in awhile.  Having said that however, I'm in the midst of putting the finishing touches on a backyard project that started last summer, my goal is to have my backyard 'getaway' ready to enjoy by the time the warmer weather arrives.  I'm a pretty lucky girl - I have some very handy people in my life and with their help I'm going to have a beautiful, sanctuary of a garden when it's all done.  The next step (and definitely the most exciting step) is handpicking the plants, shrubs and trees that will shelter my home and loved ones from the craziness that has become a part of our everyday lives living in the city..streetcars and angry traffic, the unfriendliness of big-city living and a seemingly endless list of to-do's.  I'm looking forward to sinking into a comfortable patio chair with a tall glass of something cold with lot's of ice cubes, grabbing my copy of the latest issue of World of Interiors magazine and wriggling my bare toes in the warm sunshine.

A friend on mine recently posted pictures of springtime in Tokyo..cherry blossoms are nearing the height of their spectacular displays and the country, for a brief time, seems to be taking the time to enjoy and appreciate the beautiful things nature has to offer..not her recent fury.

Sakura Ring - Sterling, Ocean Jasper

 I decided to use this particular specimen of ocean jasper because it reminded me of Hanami - meaning 'flower viewing' during this time of year.  Poems have been about the delicate cherry blossoms or sakura, which were seen as a metaphor for life itself, luminous and beautiful yet fleeting as the blossoms only last about a week.  

Set simply in sterling to showcase the pink blooms amidst its deep green backdrop, the Sakura Ring is now available in my shop.

xo Blue Gnome

Friday, April 8, 2011

Listening To Your Soul

 Paintings of a white stag around King Arthurs court

Ruth Sanderson, Golden Wood Studio

Legend has it that the white stag rules and protects it's forest, and all the animals who live within it.  Hunters who pursue the stag for trophy will find themselves disoriented, lost and face the risk of a fruitless hunting season.  For those who respect the forest and Mother Nature, their rewards are plenty and fruitful.

The stag has been a source of life, an important natural resource for early man who relied on hunting for survival. It symbolizes warmth and the renewal of life in the spring and seen as the true spirit of springing forward and upward, leading you onward to leap over difficulties.  Encouraging you to find new adventures in your active pursuit of living life to the fullest.

Sterling, Freeform Turquoise

My newest work is about rejuvenation of the mind, the body and perhaps most importantly, the soul.  It's not an easy thing to do to stop in the midst of a hectic day and take the time to truly listen to what your soul is saying to you.  There isn't a second that your soul stops whispering, never loud and intrusive but always there, quietly waiting for the moment when you might have the time to listen.  
This pendant is a reminder of the most important part of us that is often neglected.  Just as the deer has an uncanny sense of where to find the green freshness Mother Earth provides, picture yourself walking in the forest with the stag leading you into the depths within your soul.  What you seek shall be found.

So make the time, step away from your busy life for a few minutes and let your heart whisper to you.  Listen well..I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to hear what it has to say.

xo Blue Gnome

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hump Day Blues

Wake me up when the skies are clearing
When the water is still
'Cause I will not watch the ships sail away
So please, say you will

If it were any other day
This wouldn't get the best of me

But today I'm not so strong
So lay me down with a sad song
And when it stops then you'll know
I've been gone too long

But don't shake me awake
Don't bend me or I will break
Find me somewhere between my dreams
With the sun on my face

By Norah Jones, Wake Me Up

Anyone else feeling a bit bummed out lately?  I was chatting with a good friend of mine the other day and he was saying how he was feeling blue and unmotivated these days for no damn reason at all.  I have to say, I'm in the same boat.  I bought some Tulips yesterday to try and bring home some sunshine..aren't they gorgeous?

There was that surge of giddy excitement that the warm weather brought a couple of weeks ago but I have to say that the brief sprinkling of snow yesterday afternoon seems to have brought on the closest to seasonal depression I've experienced.  This weather today reminds me of winter time in the Okanagan..mild but grey.  I'd almost have freezing conditions over this if it meant we'd get to see some sunshine.

My mother has been escaping to Thailand every winter for the past few years.  She's a lady on the go..travels like a pro and has utterly fallen in love with Thailand's culture, it's people and the land itself.  She's a master of many trades..she finds an interest, researches it like mad then travels to the root of it's foundations.  In this case, Thai style massage..she goes to Chiang Mai and Bangkok every year to refresh her skills, rekindle her friendships with the locals and rejuvenate her soul.  I truly believe that if there's such a thing as a past life, hers must take her must be quite the feeling to travel somewhere for the first time and as the plane touches down, to feel in your  heart of hearts and within your very being that you've returned home.  Her family is here in Canada and there isn't a day that she doesn't miss being here when she's there, but when I travelled to Thailand with her a couple of years ago, I was surprised to see her at such ease there.  She was radiant, relaxed and happy.  She walked through the insanely chaotic outdoor markets there like a seasoned pro, merging with the local traffic, taking part in the friendly bartering of everyday shopping that is such a big part of their culture.
My father is invited every time she goes but after one trip there, I think he's had enough of the hustle and bustle, the humidity and traffic, and the absolute lack of 'personal space'.  His home is where the Rockies are, open and free, breathtaking and majestic.  Where the air is cool, fresh and crisp.  There's no bartering in the comforts of his home but equality, structure and logic.  Because those are the things you have to leave at home, personal space and any expectations of privacy.  Traffic lights are merely a suggestion, crossing a street on a green light is still taking a risk.  It's a small country with a big population, it's every man and woman for themselves over there.

Work has started to pick up and finding the time to work on my silversmithing has been a little more challenging.  But I plan on finishing a few pieces that are currently in the works sometime this week.  I'm also expecting a lovely parcel of supplies in the next few days, which is always so exciting and helps to kick start that motivation I seem to have been lacking as of late.  It's time to give myself a kick in the ass..oops, am I allowed to write ass on a blog?  I did it again didn't I?  Heheh...dig myself out of this rut and get this party started.  Can I hear a woot, woot?

xo Blue Gnome

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fire and Ice..Brings Something Nice

Sterling, Garnet

I love garnets.  I love the cool, deep berry glow this stone has to offer and I especially love it against sterling.  I believe January is the lucky month to be able to call it their birthstone, and despite it's similarity to the ruby which is often thought of as a summer stone, the garnet casts a very cool, wintery aura.
Garnets remind me of the warm and cozy things about winter; a nice glass of cabernet, cranberry sauce, venison stew with a dash of port.  Although January is long gone for 2011, I made this pendant with winter on my mind yesterday.  It's been a long one this year and it's given us a run for our money.  But as we welcome spring in the coming few weeks, I'd like to see Old Man Winter out with a salute.  Where would we be without hot chocolates after making snowmen, snowball fights and tranquil walks through a winter wonderland?  Can't say we'll miss you quite yet, but we'll see you again..hopefully not too soon.

Available in my shop.

xo Blue Gnome