Saturday, September 24, 2011

New York, New York

Ocean Jasper, Sterling

New York.  The city that never sleeps.
I was in New York for the very first time a few years ago for work and it didn't disappoint.  
One night it rained and we laughed and ran our way through it to a cozy little restaurant that glowed like a beacon in the storm.  When we left, the downpour had turned into a light drizzle and we walked back to our hotel in the humid, night air with tummies full and our skin dewy from the late spring showers.  

It was a hectic work schedule there and the rest of the trip seemed to go by in a blur but I'll always remember that night when the city seemed to glisten.  The streetlights reflected off of the wet pavement and the headlights of the all-night New York traffic seemed for that one moment, magical.  

I saw this ocean jasper and in the dancing, glowing orbs saw New York as I had that night years ago.  
Like looking at the city through a window in the pouring rain..New York, New York.

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xo Blue Gnome

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Harvest Moon

(sterling, carnelian)

Under the Harvest Moon
When the soft silver
Drips shimmering
Over the garden nights.
Death, the gray mocker
Comes and whispers to you
As a beautiful friend
Who Remembers.

Under the summer roses
When the fragrant crimson
Lurks in the dusk
Of the wild red leaves,
Love, with little hands
Comes and touches you
With a thousand memories,
And asks you
Beautiful, unanswered questions.

-  Carl Sandburg

Friday, September 16, 2011

Spread Some Sunshine On Your Toast!

Ontario plum and peach jam..

Garden jalapeno hot sauce..

I love autumn.  
The best season by far in my opinion.  I love the colours of fall.  It's when all the vibrant fresh hues of summer are brought to a slower pace and  gently condensed, like some wonderful stew simmering on the stove top.  Everything turns a gorgeous amber, golden hue and you can smell hot apple cider and pumpkin pie wafting through the air at the outdoor fall fair.  It's also the season to harvest summer's sun soaked bounty, when the weather cools enough to have the pots bubbling away with jams and pickling brine.  It's so satisfying to see the rows of preserves lining the pantry shelves, waiting for that wintery day when you need to spread some sunshine on your toast or that dollop of spicy jalapeno sauce on your homemade quesadillas.

I've started to nest.  Cosy afghans have replaced my linen cushion covers on the couch and I can feel a nip in the air when I poke my toes out from under the warm quilt on my bed in the morning.  

This weekend is supposed to be cool, sunny and perfect..hoping you all have a wonderful couple of days!

xo Blue Gnome