Monday, May 23, 2011

Lost And Found

When this beautiful jasper first arrived in my mailbox, my intentions were to set it simply and gift it to my mother..I always associate that lovely, cranberry hue with her...but after completing the pendant, I hesitated.  

I am a firm believer that all things created by Mother Nature give off their own, unique energy.  I believe that we are all unconsciously drawn to, and feel the most content when we surround ourselves with things that inherently share the same energy vibrations as we do, as individuals.  Our friends reflect in many ways, qualities we hold within our own personalities, however differently they may seem from us at first glance.  It may sound like a stretch but I also believe that stones have the capability to absorb energy from its surroundings and reflect that energy back..created by Mother Nature and undeniably organic, this makes perfect sense to me.  Whenever possible, I like to try to source and purchase the stones I use in my creations in person.  I sometimes find online shopping extremely difficult and frustrating not to be able to physically touch and feel the stones before I purchase feel their weight, their coolness and the energy they give off.  In this case, although I had purchased the jasper online with my mother in mind, when it arrived, something didn't click.  As the pendant waited to be packed up and shipped off to B.C. where my mom lived, the days went by..and they became weeks.  It constantly seemed to slip my mind and when I finally sat down to pack it up, I realized my mother would be arriving in a few short days for a visit.  So I decided to wait until she got here and give it to her in person.

She liked it very much..loved the design, the colour and the pattern of the jasper.  But something wasn't connecting..the energy the stone carried and my mother's energy just wasn't syncing.  As if to make the point even more obvious, my mom decided to wear the pendant home with her on the flight back to B.C. and she called me from the airport in a panic to tell me that she had lost the pendant.  She was mortified..she had even back tracked out of security and retraced her steps through the airport to see if she could find it.  She said she would've looked longer but she was afraid of missing her flight..would it be strange for me to say that there was a part of me that wasn't surprised to hear that the pendant wouldn't going home with her..?  We found it shortly after my mother's flight departed, with her safely onboard.  It was sitting on the floor behind the passenger seat in the truck..quietly waiting to be found and brought back inside my home.  

My mother's chain is intact.  The clasp is also intact, still hanging off of the chain.  There are no missing components on the pendant..all the solder joints are solid.  Sometimes, there are no explanations..all I know it that this pendant is meant for someone else, someone who feels a connection, an inexplicable draw to this gorgeous specimen of jasper.  Is that person you?  Available now in my shop.

xo Blue Gnome

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