Friday, April 20, 2012


It's been a long week..a very long week.  
But I know for a fact that the days and weeks are getting much too short for a certain bride-to-be!  The reason why my days seem to be crawling by is for the same reason the days are whizzing by for little miss L..destination wedding, here we come!  Well, almost.  The next few weeks will be long ones alright.

In the meantime, the sunny days have unfortunately brought on an early gift of seasonal allergies.  My poor little nose has taken quite a beating these days, and my eyes..aaagh, my eyes!  If I could reach inside my head and scratch the inside of my eyeballs for just a second..what I would give right now for 
So instead, while the allergy-medication-takers are out enjoying the glorious spring weather, I've been down in the studio working away.  Where no one but Leo and Sachi can hear my sniffling and nose blowing every few seconds, the hammers have hammered and the torch burned hot and bright.  And the fruit of all that sniffling labour..some bling!  

 sterling, agates, moonstone, prehnite

sterling, agate

Lovely, chunky sterling rings of all stones and sizes.  They will be available tomorrow in my shop.

Have a lovely, allergy-free weekend everyone!
xo Blue Gnome


  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. The rings look gorgeous.

    1. a few weeks perhaps?? But the trade off is well worth it! The green coming up is a welcome sight after our Canadian winter! xo