Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Hare and The Moon

  I've always grown up looking for the rabbit in the moon.  I remember being confused as to why none of my other friends knew about the hare..instead, they always referred to the "man" on the moon, which just confused me even more.

My mother is Japanese and I grew up hearing stories from my big hardcover book of Japanese Folk Tales, supplied by my grandmother in Japan, who no doubt, didn't want me to forget about my Japanese roots living in Canada.

My all time favorite folk tale was "Kaguya Hime", the story of a bamboo princess who is found by a poor farmer in a bamboo grove.  As the baby grows up, she becomes the most beautiful young lady in all the land.  However, as more moons pass, she becomes increasingly sad and withdrawn.  Finally, one night on the night of the full moon, she tell her adoptive parents that she's in fact a princess of the moon, and her time has come for her to return.  As she speaks, the clouds part in the bright night sky and a beautiful procession of maidens glide down to earth on moon beams.  The chariot awaits.  As the princess bids farewell, she give her parents the gift of a long life and all the wealth they could ever hope for.  I remember imagining how beautiful that sight must've been..and recall wrapping my mother's colourful silk scarves all around me and dancing about the house,  pretending I was the moon princess.  So as you can see, my fascination with the moon started a long time ago.

As such, and with 2011 being the Year of the Rabbit, I've designed and created a ring close to my heart. An ethereal moonstone set in sterling, hand sawn, oxidized and satin finished for somewhat of an industrial look.  So we say good bye to the Year of the Tiger..and welcome a year of artistic creativity, imagination and ambition!

xo Blue Gnome

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