Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blueberry Obsession

I've been on a blueberry kick lately.  Anything and everything blueberry catches my eye..starting with the homemade blueberry jam I purchased last week, I'm pretty excited to see fresh, Ontario blueberries making their appearance at my local fruit stands!  There was blueberry crumble last week, blueberry scones for breakfast this past weekend..and I'm having daydreams of white chocolate covered blueberry clusters, chilled slightly and served alongside a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea..mmmm..blueberries..

Wild Ontario blueberries!

Warm blueberry scones for breakfast, anyone?  Topped off with a lemon icing drizzle, the recipe for these gorgeous treats can be found here.  Photo also courtesy of Dima's Kitchen.

So is it any surprise that this weekend, when I finally got my little shop up and running for the first time since my renovations started ( almost 3 weeks..?!) I instinctively reached for that delicious, blueberry-hued stone to start working with.  The first of a few projects I was able to complete this weekend, boy it feels good to be back in the shop getting dirty and creative.  It was music to my ears to hear the machines humming again, the bench covered once again in sterling dust and shavings.  The pop and hiss of the torches (noises my hairdresser claims to be terrified of..he also informed me that hair is the most flammable organic matter there is..) which makes my hands tremble with excitement.  It's simply amazing how many hours a girl can lose in her little cacoon in the basement..there was a lovely breeze coming in through the window and the tunes were just right.  It was a perfectly productive day of sawing, soldering and even a little molding and casting.  Available later this week in my shop.

Sterling, Amethyst

Hoping your weekend was just as productive, creative and rejuvenating for your soul.

xo Blue Gnome

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