Monday, October 21, 2013


When for a moment 
everything is aligned,
when the light is a golden perfection,
when all our worries and heartaches seem to blow away in the gorgeous fall breeze.

These are the memories that last a lifetime.

That day.
That smile.
That big wet smooch as those chubby little arms wrap tightly around my neck.


We are so very blessed.

xo Blue Gnome

Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Danglies

Sterling, lapis & coral

Sterling, freshwater pearls & mandarine citrine

Sterling, freshwater pearls & tiger ebony

These fall danglies..soon to be available in the shop.

Happy Monday all you beautiful people!

xo Blue Gnome

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Here we are, the first day of October!  
I cannot believe how quickly this summer has left us!  Despite everyone's complaints about the incredibly hot and humid days we had this year, don't we all pay good money to fly to destinations that host weather like this all the time?  True..there are no turquoise oceans and white sandy beaches anywhere near here but all in all, this summer's been pretty fantastic. 
 The garden's been thriving and the humble crops we've harvested have been amazing..supplying us with an abundance of home grown goodness at every meal.  And as the days get shorter and the nights cooler, the jalapeno plants are still rock'n!  Small fiery peppers perfect for my own jalapeno lime hot sauce, a favorite condiment here all year round.  And I have big plans for those tomatoes still green and clinging to the vines..ever tried pickling them?  A small experimental pickling project a few years ago that produced some exceptional results!  It was my go-to snack during my pregnancy and still a delicious addition to practically any meal.  Mmmm..

The shop is slowly starting to gear up again.  
After almost a full month of family visits and weekends up at Five Maples I'm itching to get back to work..and yet the process is painfully slow to begin after a hiatus of any kind.  Steady orders for custom work have started reining me in however and the more time I log into the studio, the faster my mind and hands have begun to work once more.  It's always such a delight (and a relief) to realize that this is truly in my blood - even after weeks of being away I can always trust my hands to lead the way.  Creating is the very soul of who I am and I'm grateful each and every day that my life allows such a luxury as to be able to pursue something I love to do.  
Not everyone can say that.  
All those articles that tell you to follow your heart and take that leap of faith by quitting that mundane day job is definitely easier said than done.  Sometimes you really do need that seemingly unfortunate "blessing in disguise" event to happen (like your boss single handedly bankrupting the company while you're on maternity leave..) to jumpstart something you've been daydreaming about for years.  
Though motherhood keeps me busy, life is ever-adapting.  The more you  invite into your life, the more the days seem to expend to accommodate.  Sit on the couch all day and it's evening before you know it and you'd gotten nothing done.  Life's funny that way.  The key, I suppose is balance.  Fitting too much into your days can have it's consequences too, so everything in moderation.  
Even a big, cheesy, calorie-packed bowl of homemade mac'n cheese.  

If it feeds the soul, it's all good.

Now as I bring this rambling post to a close, I promise new items in the next!  It's a damp, dreary day here in the big smoke and there's nothing I'd rather do than hunker down and get to work.

I'll be in touch again in a few!  
Have a lovely week! 

xo Blue Gnome