Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy Summer Days

Carnelian, Sterling

One of the best things about our summers in the Great White North are the seemingly endless summer nights at the cabin or cottage.  It's always a worthwhile thing to befriend at least one person who has access to an awesome cottage by the lake somewhere out of the city..even better if you have a family cottage you've grown up going to.  We have, as Canadians, have grown somewhat immune to the pesky little bugs that threaten to ruin our lazy, summer weekends..we've all come back into the city for work on Monday mornings a little sunburnt, a little hungover, covered in little dots of mosquito bites (black flies if you're really lucky and the cottage is that much further north..) and the odd injury from those nasty deer and horse flies.  It's all worth it.  We start looking forward to these campfire, s'more making, bug bitten cottage weekends from the time we're forced to close up for the season, generally around Thanksgiving.  We start buying new camp equipment, looking at new fishing rods, planning and booking family get togethers for the summer while we're still digging our cars out of the snow and breaking icicles off the end of our noses on the ski hills.  This is our short lived summer and damn it..we're going to make the best of our few precious months of hot lazy days, floating around on our clean, pristine lakes.

The warmth of this carnelian seems to embody all of that.  A warm summer stone, I love that it brings warmth and sunshine into my life during those dreary winter days and reminds me of what's to come this time of year.  Glowing a gorgeous amber hue, the carnelian is a glowing ember captured from those campfire nights up at the cottage where I first learned to roast the perfect marshmallow without setting it on fire.  Where you leave the cell phones in your car and reconnect with friends and family, where laughter, embraces and story telling is encouraged and welcomed.  Where you can let down your big city guard and rejuvenate your soul to the brim and then some.  This ring is about sitting around the campfire with all your loved ones without a care in the world.  Available now in my shop.

Happy almost long weekend everyone!

xo Blue Gnome

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