Thursday, February 28, 2013

Early Spring Sale!

In the hopes of bringing spring a little earlier this year Blue Gnome is having a 2 day sale!

All items currently on the shelves are subject to a lovely discount until midnight on March 1st. 

 xo Blue Gnome

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Sterling & Gaspeite

A little bit of gorgeous midori to brighten your day!

xo Blue Gnome

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

For the love of citrus!

Sterling & yellow opal

Sterling & gaspeite

A splash of citrus on this wet dreary day!

xo Blue Gnome

Friday, February 15, 2013

Sterling, silk and a little bit of family.

After a few weeks of spring-like weather while visiting my parents, what a big reality check to fly home, right into the biggest snow storm of winter so far.  

I'm actually a big fan of snow, just not snow in the city.  
If you're sitting indoors with a steaming cup of cocoa watching it fall and blanket the grey concrete jungle, it's all very nice and quite lovely.  But you know that at some point you'll have to venture out there..where the traffic is horrendous and half the population have yet to install their snow tires, lulled into a false sense of security by our milder than usual winter this year.  

The temperatures have gotten a little milder over the last few days but the heavens have given us nothing but dark overcast skies.  
Just when the sun seems to have won the fight and warmth starts to spread through the city
the clouds roll in once more, darker and's been downright dreary.

I was starting to get a little nutty for colour so I went and bought some tulips.

On our many walks around the city, I've been on the lookout for happiness in the form of some much needed colour therapy.  
It's such a welcome sight amongst the droves of darkly dressed city slickers, 
fantastic splashes of colour worn in such a helter skelter way that it brings a smile and perhaps even a giggle to one's day.  
There was a girl standing at the bus stop yesterday who was such a marvelous blinding sight! 
Dressed from head to toe in shades of pink and purple, lavender to magenta, aubergine to fuchsia..all matching her crimson hued locks perfectly.  Leo had his pointer finger out (it's his new thing lately, pointing at this thing and that all day long, it's been terribly difficult trying to stay attentive and responsive to all his pointings...) and this girl laughed out loud and waved at him as we passed by her on the other side of the street.  
We need more people like her in this city.

So in an effort to being some colourful cheer into our home, last night I dug around in my sewing room and finally found the bundles of vintage Japanese kimono silk my mother gave me many years ago.  The pieces are all too small and scattered to make anything of substantial size but I finally have the perfect little project.

Made of sterling, coral and vintage, crimson kimono silk.  
A wonderful combination of metal and silk, steeped in some family history.

xo Blue Gnome

Sterling, coral, vintage kimono silk

xo Blue Gnome

Friday, February 8, 2013

In the arms of an angel.

I find the first few days back after a visit home are always the hardest.  
When I'm relieved to be back in my own space, cooking in my own kitchen and sleeping in my own bed..but there's a small void in my heart knowing that I am once again a country's distance from my parents, from the safe cocoon that seems a lifetime away from the realities of day to day living.

But as I sit here in the pale, early morning light filtering through the window, the snow is falling silently outside.  
I know how blessed I am to be here.  
Our home is cozy and warm, the house smells of home baked goodness as the blueberry muffins bake in the oven.  
It's a snow day here today and I think the muffins will go perfectly with a day of tea drinking, Sachi belly rubs and watching movies.

And to top it off, a lovely surprise from a dear friend!

So delicate..and what perfect timing.  
From the butterfly in her hair to the amazing detail in her angel wings, she is absolutely perfect in every little way.  
And I love her open arms.  
We're going to be good friends, she and I.  
Because everyone needs an angel of their own and handcrafted is the best there is.  

So to A, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hope this blustery day finds you in the arms of an angel as well.

Keep warm and safe today!

xo Blue Gnome