Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Where The Heart Is

Hard to believe it's been three months since my last post - is it just my imagination or does getting older go hand in hand with time going speeding by, leaving you in its dust?

A ton of new events and occurrences since the end of March - despite the unseasonably cool weather today, summer has finally come to bless us with her presence and it's been GLORIOUS!  It's simply jungle-icious in our backyard and the rest of the city is looking lush and every bit the emerald city it does every summer.  My toes have been painted fire-engine red since the warmer weather hit, a little bit of sass to go along with every outfit I own.  
Flip flops have replaced woolen socks and Blundstone boots and despite the ever pressing need for a real pedicure, I've been flaunting my bare feet everywhere I go.  
Wriggling your toes in the sunshine is one of those rarely mentioned thrills of life, a pleasure similar to cracking open a new book and smelling the smell of words yet to be read, storied yet to get lost in.  Speaking of which, I'm in search of something new to read..does anyone have any suggestions?  Something I can curl up with on the porch and get lost in..I'm due for a really great read.

My return back into the studio after being gone for almost a month went as smoothy as one always hopes after a long time away.  Sometimes it's a slow and painful process, training your hands to hold those old, familiar tools again and it takes a day or two of fumbling round the shop, looking for this and that before really getting back into the flow of things. This time however it was a delightful surprise to see my hands picking up the pace again with no really struggle or difficulty, hearing the humming of the machines and feeling the warmth of the bench light on the side of my face.  
It's great to be home..home is truly where the heart is.

Thank you to everyone who contacted me during my break for your patience and heartfelt messages! Without all of you, I wouldn't be able to keep doing what I love,
creating small offerings with my own hands, offerings that I hope you'll love and pass down to your loved ones someday.

I am truly blessed.  
And on this first day of a brand new decade ahead of me, I am so excited to keep walking this journey with you.

xo Blue Gnome