Thursday, June 23, 2011

Into The Blue..Or Turquoise, Rather.

Freeform turquoise, sterling.

 Tear shaped turquoise, sterling.

A couple of simple rings I finished this weekend, both gorgeous specimens of turquoise.  The oblong stone, rich with copper and aluminum has a higher dash of copper which has resulted in this case, in the beautiful, more-green-than-turquoise shade.  Although I try very hard to purchase stones that have been made by mother nature and not man made in a lab, I find it extremely difficult to turn my nose up at stones that are categorized as "lesser" quality stones.  If you're looking for turquoise stones of the highest, purest  grade, be prepared to pay a premium for them; turquoise mines are rare these days and there's a lot of research involved in determining if the purchase you made fairly reflects the high price you've paid.

With the rising cost of sterling these days (and all precious metals for that matter..) it's become increasingly difficult to keep prices affordable and attainable.  The large, chunky rings I love to design and create take into consideration the fact that although it's hard to avoid the high cost of sterling, there are other ways of creating beautiful jewelry while trying to keep things affordable.   Accessories, in my humble opinion, should be worn casually and frivolously without having to spend a month's worth of salary buying it.  Yes, many things in life are worth the high prices but at the end of the day, it's up to you and you alone to dictate what you want to spend your hard earned money on.  I like that I can pick and choose from a large collection of gorgeous rings and accessories, handcrafted with quality workmanship, depending on my outfit or mood..the stones may not be of the highest quality but there's something so interesting about the stories these "flaws or inclusions" tell.  So what if your piece doesn't hold the most pristine specimen of turquoise?  Isn't it more important how beautiful it makes you feel wearing it and that you love the design of it?

These gorgeous rings will be available in my shop tomorrow..

xo Blue Gnome

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