Monday, March 14, 2011

It's A Beautiful Monday Morning!

It's another Monday morning but guess what?  It's a gorgeous, sunny day!  It's been too many days in a row of gloomy overcast skies and wet snow drizzles, I actually woke up with a spring in my step this morning despite the fact that it's the start of another work week.  
There's no other feeling quite like walking into my kitchen in my pj's and being greeted with warm sunshine filtering in through the door and window...sigh!  I love that feeling.  It's still quite chilly outside but there's definitely the smell of spring in the air, I even had my morning tea outside on the deck steps, wrapped up in a cozy throw.  Life is starting to stir in the ground again, the trees are waking up after their long winter slumber, stretching their limbs high into the sky to try to catch as much of that warm sunshine as possible.  You can hear them creaking and whispering as they spread the word that it won't be long now..springs almost here!

I've been working on some commissioned pieces this past week as well as a couple of new ideas I've been trying to tackle.  One design requires soldering after a stone's already been theory should be manageable but it's actually proven to be quite tricky without heat damaging the stone in the process.  Aaaaak!  I dislike the idea of having to compromise on a design because I can't figure out how to technically make something work.  There's really not much that's impossible to achieve and despite the failures so far, I will make this work!  However, it might be a minute yet though before I'm brave enough to post images..all in good time, all in good time.

Sterling, Owyhee Picture Jasper

In the meantime, I've been revisiting the Owyhee Picture Jasper ring, reworking some of the sterling frame work.  Although Owyhee Picture Jaspers are usually know for their breathtaking yet eerily lifelike landscapes, this particular ring showcases a gorgeous array of natures colours and textures at her best. Peppered with specks of black and gold, it's been exhausting to try to capture the colours of this stone on camera. 

 Currently available in my shop.

xo Blue Gnome

**  Last week was an especially long week, both at work and on the news front.  As we heard that Japan had been struck with a historic earthquake, then the devastating tsunami that followed, our family and thousands of others frantically tried to call loved ones overseas to see if they were alright.  We all watched, glued to the television and online for any updates on the emergency situation there, and helplessly watched the footage of ships, houses, even airports being swept inland, then out to sea along the coastal city of Sendai, Japan.  We are the lucky ones, all of our family and friends in Japan are safe.  My heart goes out to those who are still missing loved ones, and my thoughts and prayers are with those who have lost so much already.

The Red Cross is accepting financial donations for the victims of Japan's natural disaster.  Anything and everything helps.  As well, all proceeds from Tokyo Firecracker current inventory sales and selected Blue Gnome pieces will be donated in full to the Red Cross.  Thanks so much for your support!  **

Darling Girl's Apron, Retro Warhol Hostess Apron, Various Coin Purses - Tokyo Firecracker

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