Friday, March 4, 2011

A Bounty of Riches

There's something so wonderful about holding a handful of finished pieces, all of them just pieces of flat sterling a little while ago, now so rich with life.  There's something so satisfying about manipulating the metal, the heating and hammering, watching it all come together right before my eyes.  I lose hours in my studio, it will literally be daylight when I head down, and when I come back upstairs, Sachi will have  been sitting in a completely dark house, looking at me accusingly of neglecting her for so long.  Just to clarify, she actually has a cozy bed on the floor of my shop but when the hammering begins, she gets up in a huff and trots upstairs to her other cosy bed.  This dog is not neglected..far from it. 

 I'm hoping to have more images available to post this weekend, I love how the sunshine brings out the best of what nature has to offer, and I refuse to take photographs of stones in indoor lighting.  As such, today has been a heck of a gloomy no photos yet.  I'm hoping for a peek-a-boo of sun tomorrow when I will scramble around the house setting things up to be photographed.  Until then, this is all I have to offer this evening..First Bloom necklace with turquoise.  It hangs with such a wonderful weight, I've been wearing it all day as I went about with my chores.  I might keep this around for a little while..I've kind of fallen in love with it.

Happy weekend!

xo Blue Gnome

Sterling, Turquoise

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