Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Coming Home

Sterling, Freeform Turquoise

The past 11 days have been an emotional time for my family and many others..especially my mother, who sat glued to her television watching NHK updates of the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  I still have friends who live in Tokyo and I too have been eagerly reading updates on their facebook statuses to let the rest of us know what's been going on there..the updates on local news reports here have faded little by little as other world news have taken priority.  The latest news in Japan has been that the nuclear reactors have begun cooling..finally..and although the suffering and losses will continue, people have started piecing their lives back together.  Communities are coming together to build bathhouses for the affected so that they can start cleansing their bodies, washing away their pain and sorrow, start facing yet another day feeling a little more renewed and strengthened.
Those people who had the means made the difficult decision to leave Tokyo for cities less affected by the nuclear plants, some left their homeland for family and friends abroad, fearing the worst was still to come.

This necklace has been designed with them in mind.  Healing qualities of turquoise include strengthening of the soul, protection against harm and connection with family and loved ones.  The crane has long been a symbol of luck, nobility and immortality in Japan.  Legend has it that anyone who folded a thousand cranes would the granted one wish.  This necklace is about coming home.  I pray for your safe travels home to Japan, she needs you now more than ever.

xo Blue Gnome


  1. So sorry your friends and family are going through this nightmare...and I'm praying that it ends soon in the best possible way.

    LOVE this piece...love the symbol, the meaning and the absolute beauty of it. My prayers & thoughts are for Japan's safety and all of the people's health and well being.