Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rise of the Fireflies

Fireflies..have you been fortunate enough to see them?
My first and only time was during a installation job in Georgia, Atlanta.  Small, glowing orbs of light dancing around on someone's front yard..I was mesmerized..then my good friend and coworker told me that when he was a kid, he and his brother used to catch them and squish them..and paint the glowy stuff on their arms and faces as warpaint.  Nice.  Boys are so weird.

I grew up watching movies from Studio Ghibli, an animation house in Japan.  Among their popular animated films like Totoro and Spirited Away, they produced a powerful, heart wrenching movie called 'Firefly Grave'.  It's about a young boy who takes his little sister into the forest to escape the war.  Although they succeed in escaping the bombings of the city, without rations they struggle to survive.  One of my all time favorite movies..but not one I can watch often.  I know my Japanese grandmother couldn't watch it..she survived the war as a child and the movie hit too close to home.  The little girl in the movie also has the same name as my grandma..Setsuko.  The title of the film comes from the fireflies the boy catches for his sister.  He traps them in a glass jar, and she keeps this by her bed at night since there are no lights.

I saw this ocean jasper and I immediately thought of this movie.  And that night in Georgia when the night air was warm and muggy.  It reminds me of what it might be like to walk through a field of fireflies in the darkness of the night and see them all float up into the night sky.  Soft, glowing orbs of light, dancing all around me.

Available later today in my shop.

xo Blue Gnome

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