Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Blooms

Well, the temperatures have plummeted here in the city.  But I have to admit, the great thing about winters in the east coast are the frigid but BEAUTIFUL sunny days!  Yes, it might be horrendously cold out, with wind chills sending the thermometers down to an unthinkable -35 degrees but as long as you're inside somewhere warm, it really is quite uplifting to be able to enjoy the warm sunshine coming in from the window.  My parents live in the gorgeous Okanagan Valley in Beautiful British Columbia.  There the summers are perfect and the winters mild.  But the price you pay for the mild temperatures are the months of overcast can drive a person simply mad and lead you to experience seasonal depression even if you're not the depression-kind-of-person.  Whoever that 'kind' of person might be.

The cold weather has been the perfect excuse to stay indoors and not deal with the mess that's slowly starting to resurface as the clean, white blanket of snow has begun melting in the yard.  My backyard looks like a small graveyard of buried and forgotten bones, thanks to my wonderfully fuzzy room mate.  As the weather gets warmer and the snow really begins to melt away, the time for utter panic ensues.  All of a sudden her treasures are exposed and my 120lbs dog spends her days reburying all her goods.  Because we're all after her bones..bones that have now had months to ferment in the ground..the grosser, the better.  Some are even green.  Oh goodie.  Not wanting to deal with any of that until it becomes absolutely necessary, I've been hard at work indoors designing and creating the happier thoughts of spring like bright green buds peek-a-booing out of the ground, the first tulips we're so happy to see.

I've decided to name this ring 'First Bloom'.  I love makes me smile thinking that perhaps spring isn't that far off.  Available in my shop later today.

xo Blue Gnome

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