Friday, August 3, 2012


Sterling, Labradorite

Possibly one of the most well known of all sins - pride is often thought to be the worst sin of all, as it is believed to be the source from where all other sins are born.  
The desire to be more attractive or important than others - failing to acknowledge the work of others and loving oneself more than your fellow man.  The original sin is said to have been committed by Lucifer, son of the morning and an anointed cherub of God, when his pride led him to compete with God himself.  The consequence was his fall from Heaven.  And the rest, we know from there.  

The heavenly virtue to pride is humility.

What more appropriate stone than the labradorite to illustrate such humility - at first glance, this stone looks nothing more than a lump of grey..but from within shines an ethereal glow.  Not showy or obnoxious, it waits quietly for the light to hit it at just the right angle and the result is breathtaking.

For when your heart is pure and your intentions honest, the light will always shine through.  
When sometimes silence speaks louder than words, it's not necessary to always have something to say.  

Humility breeds kindness, and kindness breeds charity.

Wear this ring as protection from pride;  may you never judge a book by its cover.  

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