Sunday, July 29, 2012


The second piece in my series of rings is dedicated to charity, the counteracting virtue to the sin of greed.  This cardinal sin is the pursuit for wealth, status and power far beyond what is required for survival or comfort.  A sin considered to be directly against fellow man since a person cannot be over abundant in external riches without another man lacking them.

Living in todays indulgent consumerist society, greed runs frequent and rampant.  

Sterling, Druzy

For this particular virtue, I've chosen a beautiful bronze druzy.  
A crystalline formation that occurs when molten rock cools quickly, trapping gasses within.  When nutrient rich ground water flows overtop, it deposits layer after layer of minerals that eventually crystalize.  After hundreds and possibly even a few thousand years, we are gifted by mother nature what you see over abundant example of mineral deposits, a showy side of the usual gentleness of mother earth.

A parallel between the superficial wealth sought after by the greedy, this druzy is but an ordinary quartz beneath it's brilliant, sparkly exterior...the contrasting virtue is charity.

Wear this ring as protection from greed; may you always choose to be charitable in your wealth.

xo Blue Gnome

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