Friday, August 10, 2012

Lust's time for one of the biggies.  
Not just associated with sexual longing, it is also the lust for an object. 
The lust for power.  
The lust for bodily fulfillment, not to be mistaken for love.  
An intense longing or desire, so intense that you think of nothing else and become obsessed with attaining it.  
Would it be presumptuous to say that we've all experienced it in some form?  I can say with certainty that I have.  
It consumes you, leaves you disordered and self seeking.  

Derived from the Latin word, castus meaning "pure", the contrasting virtue is chastity.

Sterling, Imperial Jasper

The fourth talisman out of a total of seven, this particular ring is large and showy.  I've chosen a beautiful rose hued imperial jasper, the markings mimic an oozy, thick glaze of crimson desire. 
The patterning seems to coat the jasper, dripping over the edges of..sanity.
Once caught in its clutches, you become but a helpless insect caught in the molasses-like flow of amber.  
It is difficult to break free..chastity to counteract lust.

Wear this ring as protection from lust; may you always choose to be pure of mind, body and soul.

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