Thursday, August 16, 2012

Snail Mail Treasures

A lovely little surprise in the post today, a hand written card from Lisa, the winner of my brooch giveaway!  It's such a rare treat these days to receive anything personal in the snail-mail express, I have to say this has certainly made my day!  And the kind are most certainly welcome Lisa and thank you!!

Along with this, some very exciting news of a bundle of joy due in February 2013..congratulations A & B!  And a houseful of visiting relatives from overseas tomorrow..this week has been hectic but 
a wonderful hectic!

I'm hoping to post the last few rings from my Seven Virtues series this week and the beginning of next, then if time permits list them in my shop before our 2 week holidays in beautiful British Columbia.

Must get busy, busy, busy..

What little treasures do you have to look forward to lately?

xo Blue Gnome

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