Monday, July 9, 2012

Small Miracles

The heatwave here has finally ended and this morning brings a cooler, fresher beginning to the week.  I've never been an early morning girl but since the arrival of Leo, the early hours of dawn have become my friend and savior - allowing me a few precious moments to sit and sip my tea in peace and watch the rest of the world slowly awake from its sleepy slumber.  

In an hour or so, I'll hear the creaking of the hardwood floor upstairs as Sachi starts to stir from her dreams of chasing squirrels, the neighbors talking quietly as they prepare for another day in the hustle and bustle of the downtown work scene.  

My day will officially begin when the wee man upstairs starts to stir, I am always so grateful that Leo is such a happy morning baby, waking up quietly, cooing and chatting to himself as he plays with his toes and watches his mobile move gently in the morning breeze coming in from his window.  

His morning smile and the squeal of delight when I peek into his room fills my heart to the brim, tops my soul with the love and energy needed to take me through another hectic day.  He has become my morning addiction, because there's no greater rush than the rush brought on by total, unconditional love.  

Tiny hands reaching out, legs pumping in excitement, eyes that know nothing of the harshness of our world but only the safety, trust and love that has cocooned him for the past 6 months.  I've found that I too have started living in a bubble of make-believe perfection and justice because watching the news lately has become too painful and unbearable.  What was a distant tragedy happening to someone far removed before has suddenly become too close to the heart as I realize that this is now Leo's world out there,
his future.  
News stories involving children in particular I avoid altogether as I try to shut off the thoughts that the child is someone else's Leo.  Falling in love so deeply and completely has been exhilarating but has also made me terrified of the concept of loss.  

Do children ever really know how much they're loved?  

Not until they become parents themselves.

But there is also so much beauty in our world and it's this beauty that gives us the courage to love, live and create.  
Seeing Leo watch the trees swaying in the wind, mesmerized by the dancing leaves and shifting light has allowed me the chance to rediscover experiences though his eyes.  
The sensation of cool water running through your fingers, sitting in front of a bonfire and feeling the warmth of the flames..all these small miracles that go unnoticed, I've been blessed to be able to experience all over again.  

And for this and so much more,  I am grateful.

xo Blue Gnome


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  1. He's a beautiful little boy, Tina--it's no wonder you are completely smitten! =)

    It's so hard not to be burdened by the darkest parts of humanity when we are deluged with horror stories every minute of every day. For our emotional survival, though, I think we must have an 'off switch'!

    If only an equal or greater focus was also given to the beauty that is all around us. I think that's one of the greatest gifts children bring with them, just by simply being: the reminder that there is still so much magic in the world.

    Here's to all the beautiful moments keeping your heart full and your fears at bay!