Thursday, July 26, 2012


I've been working away on several new pieces lately - there are a ton of new ideas swimming around in my head that I can't seem to focus on just one thing to create!  So my shop is quite an upheaval, a complete and utter mess..but trust me, it's a meticulously organized kind of chaos going on down there and I hope to be able to introduce many of those pieces to you soon.

I've been working on a series of rings based loosely on the seven sins - or rather, the seven contrasting virtues.  I feel, more than ever now, the importance of focusing not on the sins of man but on the positive virtues created to counteract them - god knows we need more good these days - 
good deeds, good thoughts..good energy.  

Surrounding ourselves and our loved ones with thoughts of love and ribbons of beautiful white light to cast those shadows away..watching the news lately, there is a serious lack of goodness in the world.  

Actually on second thought, I take that back.  There is plenty of goodness and many people who are good but good deeds don't make the news nearly as often as the tragic and sad.  Why do we not hear of the happiness of falling in love?  The simple act of helping someone cross a busy intersection, giving money to the person who's short a dollar at the cashier without expecting anything in return?  Helping a stranger look for her beloved pet?  

Why are we so obsessed with the darkness?  
Why do stories of anguish and loss captivate us so?

Each of these seven rings, or talismans have been created with love, laughter and a heavy dousing of early morning sunshine.  With every strike of the hammer, a loving memory; every touch of the torch, well wishes and thoughts.  There is magic in these rings - your magic; as each of these rings find their way to the person they are meant to be with.  The words stamped on each band represents the contrasting virtues of a cardinal sin - this particular one kindness to counteract envy.

Sterling, Agate
Ah, envy.  It's a sneaky one.  It creeps up on you slowly and surely that you hardly know it's presence until it's got a firm hold of you and your heart.  A constant and agonizing gnawing at your very soul - to want and resent others for what they've accomplished and what they have.  A justification to hate.  
Like a drop of the blackest ink into the purist of pure waters, it has the ability to grow and spread quickly, to make the clear waters murky.  Rational thinking is muddled with envy..the contrasting virtue is kindness.

Wear this ring as protection from envy; may you always have kindness in your heart.

xo Blue Gnome

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