Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Buried Treasures..And Other Good Things

Now that the warmer weather's arrived and here to stay, there really is no excuse to put off the backyard renos anymore..and thankfully too since I was getting tired of looking out the back window and seeing the last-summer-started-renovations in a half finished state.  It's really all the fun stuff that's left to do..the gorgeous cedar panelling on the raised beds, the beach pebbles around the perimeter..then finally the trees and plants that will complete my backyard sanctuary that I am determined to enjoy this summer.  
As all you homeowners out there know all too well, the renos and upgrades really never stop..there are always little (or big) things here and there that can use a facelift.  I have to stop once in a while and actually enjoy what I've accomplished so far..stop to smell the roses, quite literally or it's fall again before I know it and time to scurry indoors before the snow falls.  

Last summer was the summer of all the grunt work..shifting gravel, cutting and hand bombing retaining wall stones, laying down the sandstone..not fun in the summer heat and especially without central air or somewhere to rest those weary bones and have a nice, refreshing drink after a long, hard days work. 
This year, I'm hoping to have everything done by this end of this month..my mother's coming to stay with me for a little while and I plan on putting her green thumb(s) to work!

As I was cleaning out the wood off-cuts and clutter from under the unfinished deck on sunday, I came across the mother load of Sachi's hard work way far in the back corner against the house...her buried treasures!  Is it weird that I find this somewhat endearing..?  I was actually kind of touched to find a blue, corduroy bat-shaped squeaky toy I had made for her years ago buried amongst her most treasured treat bones (awww...sniffle!).  There were two other smaller, shallow graves full of all sorts of goodies..the final inventory: 1 squeaky toy, 4 various bone treats, 1 smoked pigs ear, 1 dried salmon skin treat (ugh!) and 1 half eaten hide bone.  I brought them out in a bucket and laid them out on the ground in front of her.  After smelling each and every one of the items, Sachi spent the rest of the afternoon reburying them in new locations in the raised beds.  An afternoon well spent..she was exhausted!

On the jewelry front, I've been revisiting some Art Deco inspired designs I've had in my sketchbook for a while now and my parcel of amethyst arrived just in time.  This particular pendant features a large, aubergine oblong cabochon..a sleeping beauty until the light hits it's glossy, smooth surface..then this stone sings!  Casting a regal aura of dark violet, this pendant is weighty and stunning, made entirely of sterling.  

Roaring 20's pendant - sterling, amethyst

Also added to my shop are a beautiful pair of my Seal Lullaby earrings, this time in copper.  The green aventurine and warm copper compliment each other quite nicely and they swing to and fro with a wonderful weight.  The findings are handcrafted of oxidized sterling silver.

Seal Lullaby earrings in copper, aventurine and sterling.

And finally, another Giving Tree ring made of sterling and rosewood.  I've decided to leave the saw marks on the surface of the rosewood for texture and contrast against the smooth, coolness of the sterling setting.  A favorite design of mine..made of recycled rosewood and sterling silver, oxidized to give the ring a wonderful organic feel.  The wood has been finished simply with a natural wood oil to bring out the lovely red and ochre ripples within.  This ring is a size US 7.75.

The Giving Tree ring - rosewood, sterling.

All of these item are currently available in the shop.

xo Blue Gnome


  1. The art deco piece is great and I really like the contrast of the rosewood and silver did I understand you to mean that you had sawed the marks across the the wood for added texture it is a unique piece I have never added wood to my jewelry except in a fossilized version like petrified palmwood, or something of that natue. Great work !

  2. Hi nancycreations! Thanks so much for visiting..yes, I especially LOVE the contrast of such a warm, exotic wood against the clean, coolness of sterling..it's a hard combination to resist! xo