Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When it rains..

After a 3 month hiatus from blogging, it's nice to be back here although the thought of filling in all those days of absence is a little overwhelming.  The last few months have been a whirlwind of life's happenings..although the days seem long, the weeks and months sure seem to fly by!

As our incredibly mild winter comes to a close with two days of snowfall in April (actually I look outside now at the snow blowing down sideways.  Brrr!) it seems that our 2 years of looking for a new home is finally coming to a close as well.  Just days away from signing a purchase agreement, we are also expecting our second baby in just a few short weeks!  Never the type to take the easy route through life ( I can see my parents shaking their heads in exasperation..) when it rains here in our household, it certainly pours. :)  
The next few weeks here will be a little bit of insanity as we prepare to put our beloved house up for sale and slowly start the much dreaded task of sorting and packing..something I've always despised.  And yet, for someone who dislikes moving so much, I've done my fair share of it during my year as many as 3 moves all within the same building.  Ugh.  It never gets fun but it's definitely something you get better at the more you do.  This move I'm afraid, I'll be 11 years out of practice and moving away from a house and home I adore.  
Being the sentimental fool that I am, this is going to be tough one.

xo BG


  1. Thank you for sharing your life's adventures. It's lovely hearing about the personal side of a person admired for their artistic genius. The intimacy has a family like feel/quality. Best wishes to you in the weeks to come (and always, of course).

    1. Thanks Beth! I've been neglecting this blog lately..but it's nice to reconnect with the therapeutic act of writing about things outside my jewelry! I'm hoping to get back into updating this on a more regular basis..and your lovely comment is motivation! Thank you for taking the time to read this :) xx