Friday, April 15, 2016


As if to confirm our suspicion as being real estate-cursed, the deal we were so close to closing seems to have come to a disappointing halt.  In the end we walked away from it..a deal that started out full of limitless potential and excitement, only to be marred by mishap after mishap, misrepresentation and greed.  Although the property itself is still as lovely as ever, there comes a time when you simply can't shake the feeling that some things aren't meant to be.  After pondering the pros and cons and flip-flopping on the decision to move forward or to walk away, it was my love's comment that cemented the decision, 7 words that are not the norm for such a logical, rational man.  
"..My gut tells me to walk away.."  
And so we did.  
A lovely 30 acres that will make someone else a very happy home.
So now as we find ourselves back to square one..a familiar place I have to say, we're now concentrating on something that seemed to have taken second place to all the hustle and bustle we've been swimming in the last few weeks..arrival #2.  I remember noticing a drastic change in my furry girl's behavior during the last few days leading up to Leo's early arrival..the gentle goosing throughout the day, her insistence to have me in her sights at all times..never clingy, just watchful.  And as our walks slow down in pace thanks to my waddling these days, the goosing's started again as has the  somewhat spooky watching.  I suspect this baby will be making his / her arrival before the official due date..canine instincts are rarely wrong!  

Work in the shop has slowed considerably.  While the ideas in my head haven't stopped, my energy level these last couple of weeks have become noticeably limited.  Frustrating to say the least, the concept that my body simply cannot keep up with what I want to do is something I've been fortunate to say, is a foreign one.  
A sharp reminder of exactly how hard we are on ourselves, as a glance in the mirror is all the reality check I need that my body is changing for a reason..and yet, the urge to keep going and push myself to do more throughout the day is something I fight everyday.  
Despite everything this body does for me
I continue to demand more.

From this moment I will treat myself with love and kindness.

"As you breathe in
Cherish yourself.
As you breathe out
Cherish all beings. " 

- Dalai Lama

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