Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January Sale at Blue Gnome Emporium

It's that time for New Year's clearing and the inventory at Blue Gnome is having a January sale on many 2015 creations!  Excluded are made to order items, custom orders and alterations..so if that ring you've been checking back on is perfectly your size, this is the time to grab it!
Alterations are still offered for a nominal fee :)

I've had my lovely mom here since the beginning of January and so my 2016 has started off on a slow, family time note.  I'll be back in the shop on a more regular basis starting next week, it's been hard to get motivated to head to the studio here when there's tea drinking and chit chatting to be done with my mom..I do miss those leisurely chats and mindless window shopping sessions that only a good mother-daughter session can satisfy, she'll be dearly missed (again) when she returns to B.C.

So to all you lucky peeps who have your mothers nearby..pop by today and give her a big ol' hug and sit down together for a hot cup of tea.  It's a glorious sunny, winter's day this Tuesday and it's perfect for staying indoors for a bit of tongue wagging.

And if you have a moment, head over to the Blue Gnome shop and see what selections are currently up for grabs for a New Year's clearing!

xo Blue Gnome


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