Friday, August 15, 2014

Water and Fire

A little while ago I was introduced to an interesting book called Soul Signs by Rosemary Altea.  Some of you might be groaning or rolling your eyes at this point..(smiling..)..I promise this post won't be about finding your ultimate soulmate or a rant about some metaphysical path we should all follow.  

Putting aside any religious views or beliefs, spirituality is something that I've always had a tremendous interest in, something my mother has always had a great deal of respect for and has taught me and my brother to do the same.  And if none of this appeals to you in the least..well, it's a good read anyway and should you find yourself sitting in an airport with a delayed flight, you should definitely pick it up and take a glance.  
I think you'll find yourself quite engrossed.

I've mentioned in the past that my mother is perhaps the most spiritual personal I know..and to this day this still holds very true.  Keep in mind that when I say spiritual, I'm not talking specifically about religion.  Because those two things are completely different in my eyes.  
Now, before I walk straight into a (often) very heated and touchy subject, I'm going to put on the brakes and take a detour.  
Spirituality to me is about the belief in the human spirit and how we connect to the energies around us. Everything living in this world gives off energy - science has proven as much - and it's rather naive and arrogant to think even for a moment that we're not affected by this energy, isn't it?  
So when I make reference to certain qualities a stone possesses in some of my silver creations, I'm essentially talking about the energy that surrounds and flows from the specific rock..sort of like aromatherapy for the soul. Some scents like lavender are well known therapies for promoting relaxation while citrus based aromas are used to invigorate.  Similarly, certain gemstones / minerals have well known qualities that have been utilized for generations to aid in ailments of the soul.  In this book, we are introduced to the organic make up of our spirit and how it relates to the 4 main elements of nature: earth, air, water and fire.  

Whether you take the ideas presented in this book to heart or see it as nothing but an amusing read..the choice is yours to make.  

I've created a ring that aesthetically represents two of the four elements - two powerful and complimentary elements..water and fire.  
Metaphysically, the prehnite represents unconditional love and is said to enhance spiritual growth.  The garnet is a stone of devotion and courage.  

Whether you're drawn to the aesthetic or metaphysical qualities of this ring, you certainly can't go wrong.

May this ring bring you courage in your spiritual growth.

xo Blue Gnome

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