Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Early morning magic

It's early yet. 

I'm noticing even just in the last few days that the days have been slower to start, the birds a little quieter as the sun sleeps in a little more each day.  The back-to-school ads have been more and more visible in the stores, the local parks and splash pads a little more frantic with children, determined to make the very best of their last remaining days of freedom and summer holidays.

My mornings here have started with the click-click-click of the gas burner as steaming hot cups of tea have slowly started to replace the iced coffees as my morning pick-me-up, the sound of ice cubes against the glass have been replaced by the soft clinking of my spoon as I lazily stir my milk into my tea.  
The bunch of overripe bananas that have been sitting on the counter top for the last few days, staring and silently asking when they're going to be transformed into some wonderful banana bread have finally gotten their wish this morning.  I have the most amazing, simple recipe for this - ripe bananas, raw sugar, an egg, flour, a pinch of salt, a generous dollop of vanilla seeds..all topped with a drizzle of golden melted butter.  
Ah..a few strokes with my grandma's very vintage wooden spoon and into a loaf pan it all goes.  Creamy, buttery banana goodness speckled with vanilla..45 minutes in the oven where all the magic happens and you have the most decadent and moist bread you've ever put into your mouth.  
Interested in this recipe?  
Send me a message and I'd love to share it with you!

As the delicious aroma wafts out of the oven and up the stairs, I can hear the first stirrings of life..soft rustling and creaking floorboards as the wee monster goes to wake up Sachi - the "big snoring bear" before starting his descent down the long staircase, one halting step at a time. 

It won't be long now before this quiet, somewhat magical time for me comes to an end and the hustle and bustle of the day will kick into high gear.

 The day has started..and with my cup of steaming tea in hand, I face this wonderfully rainy day.  

Do you have a favorite time of day?

xo Blue Gnome

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