Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finding The Beauty In Unbalance..or Imbalance.

 Sterling, Amethyst

Sterling, Freshwater Pearls

Something's off kilter today, I'm not sure what or why.

The sun's been trying to come out all morning without much success, the clouds seem unwilling to part.
My friend and dog walker P, was dragging his feet today too.  Said all his dogs were slow, overly sensitive and trying to pick fights at the park.  

Leo missed his nap this morning and had been fighting sleep since 11am.  Finally he's down..went down swinging (literally too..landed a nice upper cut on my jaw, ouch!) but his sleep is restless..tiny cries of frustration..like he's still trying to swim his way up into consciousness.

I went downstairs to try to finish some pieces and almost dropped the torch into my lap.  Nothing was soldering properly so I packed up and called it a day in the studio.  On my way out the door, I knocked over my bowl of amethyst beads.  I could hear them bouncing and rolling under my bench..everywhere..all over the studio floor.  Grrr..yep, it's one of those days.  

Wake me up when the skies are clearing,
                                                                  When the water is still,
'cause I will not watch the ships sail away so,
Please say you will.

If it were any other day,
This wouldn't get the best of me.
But today I'm not so strong,
So lay me down with a sad song,
And when it stops then you know I've been,
Gone too long.

But don't shake me awake,
Don't bend me or I will break,
Come find me somewhere between my dreams,
With the sun on my face.

I will still feel it later on,
But for now I'd rather be asleep. 

- Norah Jones/Wake Me Up

What do you do to rejuvenate your soul when you feel as if you'll break rather than bend?
How do you feel the sun on your face again?

xo Blue Gnome

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