Monday, April 16, 2012

A Whale Of A Time.

Have you ever seen the movie Stealing Home?  It was made in the 80's and stars a young Jodie Foster and Mark Harmon..have I just dated myself..??  I haven't watched it in years and I'm sure it's nowhere as good as I remember it to be.  But what that movie did was make me fall in love with Maine..or what I envisioned Maine to be.  
Crashing waves and sand dunes at twilight, riding around in convertibles with the wind blowing through your hair.  Beachside cottages with white picket fences,  where everyone wears white and is sun-kissed a golden bronze, sipping gin and tonics while the evening breeze gently caresses the tall grass on the dunes.  

When I was in my early twenties, I finally took a road trip to Maine and the beaches were as lovely and romantic as I had hoped.  I stayed right on the water and watched the sunset every night of my 5 night stay there, sipping gin and tonics and wearing my beachiest whites.  I walked along the sand when the surf was low and collected the oceans offering of sea shells and beach glass, tumbled worn and smooth from countless embraces from the sea.  On my last day there, I walked to the corner store to grab a few essentials and as I stood by the cashier to pay, grabbed a vintage reproduction postcard that read, "Having a WHALE of a time in Maine!" with an illustration of a whale with exaggerated, animated eyes wearing vacation gear and waving hello.

I've moved countless times since then and my collection of shells, beach glass and even photographs from that trip have been misplaced and lost.  But I still have that postcard, a little worn and dog eared but I found it just the other day.  So I thought I'd make a whale ring, just for fun.

sterling, black onyx

When's the last time you had a whale of a time on a vacation?

xo Blue Gnome

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