Friday, April 5, 2013

Bangs..Or No Bangs?

An unexpected order will be helping me do a little spring cleaning in the shop this week..out with the old..the in with the new will surely follow!  
We're having a tough time this year moving old man winter along on his way.  Leaving to run errands just last week in glorious spring-like weather and coming home in a snow storm isn't something even us Canucks are used to.  I've seen some brave ladies out there wearing adorable little flats in various shades of spring, mincing around the frozen over puddles and slush still on the sidewalks, pretending that their bare legs haven't gone numb from the frigid winds.  
I'll even welcome my spring allergies with open arms if we can just get the warmer weather to stay.

And as the weather has me fidgeting around impatiently, this time of year is also when I'm suddenly totally and completely sick of my hair.  
I've been toying with the idea of cutting bangs (again!) although if I actually think about it, I'm pretty sure the last few times I've run to my hairdresser with that same request, I've left the salon obsessively trying to brush away that foreign feeling of having something taped to my forehead.  There's usually about a 2 week period where I actually enjoy having them and I have fun changing my make up and outfits to better suit my new "look", then inevitably comes the "growing out" phase which always seems to take forever.  My mother mentioned the last time I had bangs that I was squinting a lot..the sensation of having something touching my eyelashes all the time led to me squinting..which in turn gave me a chronic headache until I finally gave up and pinned them out of the way.  
And yet I persist.  
I desperately want to like love them.  
I want to be like Jane Birkin in the 70's, with her huge doe-eyes and her casual elegance with the blunt cut bangs and sweeping long hair.  And so although it didn't work out quite like that the last few times, I'm pretty confident that it might this time.  And as I look longingly at my phone right now..
God help me, please don't let me make an appointment..

Jane Birkin - 1968

Jane Birkin - 1969

**  A self forced intermission..a lovely cup of tea has brought me back to my senses...almost. **

I'm still on the fence about it..ah, the important dilemma one faces.  The threat of a nuclear attack from North Korea is nothing compared to the life changing decision of committing to a drastic haircut.  More on this will follow another day.  
The bread needs kneading and the wee monster stirs in his lair upstairs..

Have a wonderful Friday afternoon lovelies!  And I'll try not to do anything drastic this weekend that I might later regret..

xo Blue Gnome

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