Friday, March 8, 2013


Sterling, Larimar - Orca Totem

Sterling and Lolite - Orca Totem

I've been obsessed with all things oceanic lately, 
it's a dream of mine to one day live in a little sun bleached house by the sea, 
embraced by the sound of the crashing waves and the ever changing tides.

I've created a couple of totems that are close to my heart and close to my dear British Columbia, 
totems that embrace both my love of the ocean and my admiration of the sea mammals that reside near its coast.  
A long time symbol to the west coast Native American community of family, community and protection, 
the Orca or Killer Whale, like wolves, mate for life and travel in pods; 
groupings of family who they protect fiercely.  
Orcas are said to rule the northern waters, working with seals and dolphins to keep them sacred and safe.  
Reincarnations of human souls lost at sea, they have often been known to seek contact and communication with humans on boats.

  As a totem animal, Orcas teach us how to swim in life with grace and strength 
and to dive deep into the depths of your being.  
Playful at heart but ferocious in battle, this totem serves to protect the wearer through life's uncharted waters.

Available now in the shop.

xo Blue Gnome


  1. Both a gorgeous homage to such a magnificent animal. The Larimar is so beautifully reminiscent of the sun streaming through the ocean depths, and your orca so beautifully placed.

    I recently watched The Whale, based on the story of Luna. Have you seen it? Made me cry, but so glad I watched it:


    1. Just checked out the trailer..I have a feeling I'll be crying too! Had the most incredible experience seeing a pod off the west coast while kayaking with friends..oh my..after they finally swan out of sight, I remember shaking uncontrollably. It's an experience I'll never forget..

    2. Wow. How incredible. Lucky you! I've never seen them in real life...hopefully one day, though. I can't imagine there's much that compares with seeing such a creature up close. That's what got me about The Whale film. Pretty much everyone fell instantly in love with Luna the second they saw her.

      (Have you seen the NZ film, Whale Rider? Now that one had me sobbing my guts out. I still can't watch it without breaking down at least once.)

    3. Oops. I mean, him. Luna was a male.