Friday, February 8, 2013

In the arms of an angel.

I find the first few days back after a visit home are always the hardest.  
When I'm relieved to be back in my own space, cooking in my own kitchen and sleeping in my own bed..but there's a small void in my heart knowing that I am once again a country's distance from my parents, from the safe cocoon that seems a lifetime away from the realities of day to day living.

But as I sit here in the pale, early morning light filtering through the window, the snow is falling silently outside.  
I know how blessed I am to be here.  
Our home is cozy and warm, the house smells of home baked goodness as the blueberry muffins bake in the oven.  
It's a snow day here today and I think the muffins will go perfectly with a day of tea drinking, Sachi belly rubs and watching movies.

And to top it off, a lovely surprise from a dear friend!

So delicate..and what perfect timing.  
From the butterfly in her hair to the amazing detail in her angel wings, she is absolutely perfect in every little way.  
And I love her open arms.  
We're going to be good friends, she and I.  
Because everyone needs an angel of their own and handcrafted is the best there is.  

So to A, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hope this blustery day finds you in the arms of an angel as well.

Keep warm and safe today!

xo Blue Gnome

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  1. Oh, those heart pangs when we again have to leave the ones we love! I think tea, blueberry muffins (yum), belly rubs and movies is a lovely way to welcome yourself home.

    I'm glad you had a lovely time with your parents...and that your wee angel was waiting for you when you got home =)

    Keep warm and cozy!