Monday, January 28, 2013

Divine Light

A rare treat yesterday that I was out and about without Leo in tow..the perks of visiting my parents, always willing and eager babysitters!  So after a luxurious couple of hours of running errands by myself, I decided to visit my favorite spot where the view of the mountains and lake are breathtaking.  

It's a local secret that as beautiful as this city is during the bustling summer months, as the tourists leave and summer businesses pack up for yet another year 
there is another kind beauty that emerges.  
The beaches that played host to sunburnt families, tired moms and screaming kids during the long, balmy days now have a chance to 
slow down and breathe the crisp, mountain air once more.  
The water turns dark and unfriendly, a stark contrast against the brilliant white snow caps along the mountain tops 
where the occasional breaks of sunlight through the low lying clouds 
casts a streak of light 
so divine 
that it would make even a non-believer 
almost believe..

On days like these, I wonder why I ever left here.  

Where do you go to find yourself when you're feeling a little lost?

Where do you go to listen to yourself when the world seems to drown your voice?

xo Blue Gnome


  1. So glad you're having some much-needed 'you' time, Tina, and enjoying your time with your parents. It is phenomenal how quickly we can rejuvenate when we touch base with our roots. (Those last two photos in particular are stunning!)

    Heading home has the same affect on me. Flights to NZ always arrive early in the morning, usually as the sun is coming up. Seeing the familiar fields of green as we fly over, the blues and greens of my favorite ocean. I find myself breathing it all in even before I get off the plane. And then a customs officer will often say, "Welcome home." And I am =)


  2. Thanks Ash :) How wonderful you're lucky enough to call beautiful NZ home! I have friends who live there..and hear it's quite stunning!

  3. It is beautiful. For a tiny country is sure packs a punch. I haven't been home for years so am looking forward to making a trip home in the second half of the year! =)