Friday, December 21, 2012

Perfectly Flawed

In elementary school, I had a classmate with a small scar on his upper lip - he was born with a cleft lip and the scar was a result of the surgery to correct it.  Children of that age lack certain social etiquette..and I remember asking him quite bluntly on the school bus one day what it was.  
His response was that his great grandfather was a knight and got that mark while slaying the most ferocious dragon in the world.  It had skipped a generation but Kenny was the lucky one who too was chosen to someday fight dragons..for he was born with his great grandfather's special mark.

I went home that day and looked all over my body for any special marks..hoping that I too was destined for greatness like dragon slaying and such.  And thinking back as an adult, what a fantastic story to tell your 5 year old..too young to understand the medical logistics of a cleft lip but old enough to feel shame and self conscious if other children made fun.  His parents must've known that other children would ask about it and decided to give him a story that allowed him to talk about the scar without any shame in being different.  It gave Kenny a sort of celebrity status in our classroom, although we all felt too old to believe in fairytales, here was Kenny with physical proof..and who didn't want to be a hero and slay dragons?

I believe that we're all perfectly flawed, in our own unique way.  
It's what makes us human and an individual, perfect imperfections.  For every scar, whether physical or emotional there is a tale to be told, battle scars that hold within them our experiences and the wisdom we've collected from them.
It's what makes each and every one of us so wonderfully different.  
Falling down is a part of life..getting up and carrying on is what living is all about.

Sterling, Agate

Created by mother nature, an impeccably flawed agate showcased in a simple sterling setting.  

Gloriously unique and perfectly flawed.  

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xo Blue Gnome


  1. I'm so glad you shared this, Tina. What a precious story to tell their child. You've got me thinking about my own scars...and I'm thinking it might be okay to make up my own stories for a few of them. And it kind of makes me smile just thinking about what tales they might now like to tell.

    Your ring is gorgeous, in its perfectly simple setting and the meaning it carries.

    Wishing you and your family--and your darling wee man--a gorgeous Christmas and holiday season. Hope its warm and merry and full of magic!


  2. And a wonderful Xmas to you and yours! It'll be the first Xmas for the wee bean this year..and to think that this time last year I was waddling around getting my shopping done..time is flying by! Am hoping to connect with you in the new year..all the best Ash! xo

    1. Haha! I bet you don't miss the 'waddling' bit. Aw, you're gonna have so much fun. I still remember my youngest sister's first Christmases--they were hysterical!

      Look forward to touching base in the new year. Hope it gets off to a terrific start!