Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A little cleansing of the palate.

This holiday season was wee Leo's first Christmas!  And although he seemed far more interested in the lint balls under the couch and sprinkling of needles on the floor around our tree, it was one of the best Christmas mornings.

After the last few days of over indulging in decadent holiday treats, I thought it fitting to introduce a couple of simple, small offerings to the shop today.  A cleansing of the palate, so to speak..with no bells or whistles needed, these natural beauties stand out all on their own.

Two classic, natural turquoise solitaires from the Kingman mine in Arizona.  Set simply in sterling, handcrafted in my little studio.  Available in the shop.

Happy Holidays everyone! 

xo Blue Gnome 

1 comment:

  1. So glad you had a lovely day, Tina. I love the magic kids naturally bring to Christmas. It's rather enchanting. (The photo of your dog all tuckered out made me smile.)

    Love your rings too, and the idea behind them...cleansing the palate. These little beauties would be a lovely daily reminder of our own inner beauty, too.

    Hope 2013 brings its own magic and beauty and that you are constantly reminded of the magic in you and around you.

    Happy New Year! =)

    Ash xxx