Thursday, May 31, 2012


It's all around me and yet it takes an afternoon of hard garden work to actually notice Mother Nature's designs.  The amazing symmetry in ferns, the perfect, tiny roadwork of veining in a single leaf of a 100 year old maple tree, how every forget-me-not flower has exactly five petals..not six or four.  
It baffles the mind and leaves those scientists scratching their heads at the exact mathematical calculations behind it all.

It's been gorgeous outside for the last few days, I'm not even going to complain about the few days we had when temperatures soared up past the mid thirties with the humidex.  The garden seems to have blossomed overnight, the roses are blooming and my Snowbell tree is also in full bloom, perfuming the air with that heavenly fragrance that I wish I could bottle and save for those dismal winter months.  
The bumble bees are busy working away - huge, fuzzy black and yellow striped bodies the size of my thumb, busily collecting their treasures of pollen, tiny balls of precious cargo tucked snugly behind their legs.  
This perfect summer weather has kept me out of my studio these past few days, thunder showers were in the forecast all this week and I was hoping that the rain might give me an excuse to stay indoors and get the shop humming with new creations - but alas the storm seems to have stayed away so far.  There's been no lack of ideas..perhaps it's all the time I've been spending in my garden lately but I've found myself drawn to those stones with repetitive patterning..the orbs and ripples found in imperial jaspers and many types of agates, the marrying of rosewood with its gorgeous, reddy markings and the irresistible simplicity of turquoise.

I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine the other night whilst enjoying some perfectly chilled pinot on the back deck about the ripple effect..every decision, big or small you make will inevitably effect your future.  

For every path you choose at a cross road in life,
  do you believe that in a parallel life, you are living the after effects of the path you didn't choose?  

Have you ever thought to yourself, 
if only I'd said yes that day, I wonder where I would be right now?  

In retrospect, both of us had maybe had a little too much wine that night but the next day, I found myself thinking about our conversation while I was enjoying my morning tea.  It's not about regret.. but rather about being aware that what you do today will affect what happens tomorrow.  
Since the arrival of Leo, I find myself thinking that somewhere along those many cross roads I've come to in my life, for all the decisions I've made that I thought were the wrong ones, I seem to have chosen the right path all along to bring me to his existence.  
All it would have taken was for me to have turned down that seemingly random job that eventually, over many years and meandering paths led me to 
my little Leo.     

I've chosen these jaspers and agates because I love that they serve as a simple reminder of those small choices you make in life that turn into wide, sweeping ripples. 

With no instruction manual or map to help you navigate through the course of life
you have only your compass..
your heart. 

 So listen often and listen well.  

Safe travels everyone.

xo Blue Gnome

 Sterling, Botswana Agate

 Sterling, Imperial Jasper

 Sterling, Botswana Agate

 Sterling, Freeform Turquoise, Rosewood

Sterling, Rosewood

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