Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Tis The Season When Slowing Down Is Not An Option

So I'm not traveling this holiday season.  Thought it would be nice to stay close to the home front, avoid the crazy holiday travelers with their very merry and obnoxious holiday sweaters.  Did I ever mention that flight home to B.C. where a woman had to be asked to turn the LED lights off on her Christmas sweater?  When I saw her waiting in the line up to proceed through security, proudly twinkling all the way, I instinctively knew she would be on my flight.  Thankfully, I wasn't the one who ended up sitting next to her.  A small miracle since anyone who knows me will tell you that I seem to attract that kind of thing...

Anyway, the plan was to stay here, relax and calmly enjoy the start of the holiday season.  
Not a chance.  
The downfall to staying at home is that there's always stuff that needs getting done.  I'm quickly finding out that spending the holidays in someone else's home is sometimes the only way to avoid doing stuff that starts by promising to only take up a few minutes of your time..and hours later, you're still doing it.
But on the bright side, we finally went out and got a tree this year!  We picked out a relatively normal looking tree and during the time it took to drive it home, it grew another foot high and a few feet wide.  The gargantuan tree now takes up a third of the front sitting room, the sheer thickness of the branches has swallowed up the three strings of lights it took to cover it from top to bottom.  We have way too much tree for our tiny supply of ornaments..and it's absolutely beautiful!  I baked, decorated and hung a bunch of cookies for tree decorations, forgetting that a certain furry family member is a big fan of gingerbread.  But the problem seems to have solved itself since I came home from work one day and found Sachi in a cookie coma after eating everything she could reach, about 15.  Now the tree is missing decorations on the bottom third and Sachi's all cookie-ed out.  She'll look at the gingerbread if you hold it out to her, smell it, give it a courtesy lick and after a quick side glance at me, walk away disgusted.  
A win-win situation all around!

I hope you're hanging onto your sanity so far this festive holiday season!
The countdown's begun..9 more days of shopping left.  So get out your elbows and fight your way through those crowds at the mall...sanity's overrated anyway :)  I'll be taking full advantage of the "Expectant Mother" parking spaces there this weekend.

xo Blue Gnome

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