Friday, July 15, 2011

Small Luxuries

Another beautiful, blessedly cool morning.  The backyard is still wrapped in a light blanket of shade and the puppy is still happily chasing squirrels in her sleep.  Big, warm fuzzy paws twitching..sighs of pure contentment.  Everything is exactly as it should be.

 A sleepy garden..getting ready for another hot, summer's day.

I purchased a couple of gorgeous handmade pottery mugs a few weeks ago and with the end of the postal strike, finally received them this past week.  The size is absolutely perfect for a lovely cup of tea, the contours of the cup fitting wonderfully in my hands, the colours of the glaze..achingly beautiful.  It's been too damn hot and muggy to enjoy anything other than a beverage brimming with ice cubes lately..I've been waiting all week for a morning like today to use my new cup and my tea has never tasted better.  Earl Grey, a splash of warm milk and a dollop of pure, Canadian honey from a dear friend's hive 8 hours north of the city.  And what better to serve that with than a slab of homemade banana bread with a generous schmearing of peanut butter?  After all, one must enjoy all the small luxuries life has to offer.

Handmade pottery available here.  Banana bread not included..

The day is still young, who knows what it'll bring.  But with a belly full of all this goodness, I think I'm off to a pretty good start.  I hope your friday is filled with sunshine, not too much work and the perfect way to cap of the end of another work week.

xo Blue Gnome

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