Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog!

It's a dead still evening tonight, I'm looking outside as I write this and there's not a leaf moving on my neighbor's gigantic maple tree.  Ugh.  Although today was a cooler 33 degrees (36 with the humidex..) it's still a scorcher.  Yesterday apparently broke all sorts of records in this province, a crazy, oh-my-god-it's-the-end-of-the-world 50 degrees with the humidity..what kind of insanity is that??  I guess after a day like that, today should really be a breeze..

My poor, thick-furred puppy dog is not a happy camper in this weather, her proud Akita tail has been drooping these past couple of days, it's too damn hot to even put in the effort to lift that thing.  I've built her an air-conditioned "hobo shack" of sorts upstairs, a heavy wool blanket screwed to the doorway of the smallest bedroom so she can come and go as she pleases.  I've found cookie crumbs on the floor up there..which is actually quite cute..because it means that she grabs her cookie from her bowl in the kitchen and trots upstairs to her cool den so she can enjoy it in the a/c.  I've often wondering what I might capture on film if I set up a nanny cam while I was out of the house...then again maybe it's best that I not know.  It might freak me out to see her turn on the T.V. and browse through my Architectural Digest magazines while I'm out..our relationship would never be the same.  No, better left alone.

This extreme heat alert is supposed to be called off later this evening, tomorrow bringing more seasonal temperatures into these parts.  The grass is turning brown, shrubs are starting to wilt...we need rain and lots of it.  Maybe it's finally time to break out that rain dance in the backyard.

Hope you're keeping cool where you are.

xo Blue Gnome

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