Friday, August 14, 2015

Grove of Dreams

It's a grey rainy day here today..a much needed break from the dry, sunny days lately, it's almost as if I can hear the garden sigh a sigh of relief as they soak up all this cool goodness falling from the skies. 
I thought it might be too overcast to properly capture the stunning vibrance of this green turquoise but surprisingly, with no warm overtones in today's early morning light, I think the photo turned out beautifully.

I've been saving this gorgeous turquoise for a special piece - one of my all time favorite examples of the incredible creations mother earth offers us, time and time again.  It reminds me of a grove of birch trees I found my self wandering through years ago while I was looking for an over exuberant Sachi who had taken off after a squirrel (ah..I don't miss those early puppy years!).
 I was was like being on the perfect film set for a Midsummer Night's Dream.  A magical moment when you're certain you've just crossed that very thin veil between reality and dreams. 

This necklace will be available on Monday morning..make the most of your late summer weekend everyone! 

xo Blue Gnome

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