Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dance to the music in your heart.

The one hour time change this past Sunday has really thrown us all for a loop here - it makes me realize how tightly committed we are to every hour of every day, a rhythm of busy whirl wind lives where we're expected to be somewhere, doing something specific every precious hour of the day.  Thankfully Leo, like his mama, is a lover of sleeping in and there have been no rude 5:30am wake up calls..but the little man likes his food (also like his mama!) and meal times have been a little insane as his little bodily clock insists that meals have been an hour behind schedule these past few days.  Canines too don't function around the wall clock in the kitchen..and the kitchen's been packed with hungry family members, two legged and four, all milling about waiting impatiently for their lunches and dinners.  
As 5pm brings about almost total darkness outside, my internal clock seems to have slowed right down..winter nesting instincts have kicked in and I find myself using warmer spices in my cooking and baking such as cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and cumin, making this house possibly one of the most fragrant on our street.  
Wonderfully fragrant. 
 It warms the heart and soul.

Perhaps it's the changing climate and the awareness that in just a couple of months we will once again be bidding farewell to yet another year, I've been feeling retrospective lately.  The last 10 months have not been without their drama..the amazing people I've met, the friendships that have proven time and time again why I hold them so dear to my heart..then the friends who have stayed just long enough to leave their footprints on my soul.  
Two incredible unions I was fortunate to have been a part of and witness, a dream trip to Ireland with loved ones and an opportunity to dance my heart out with my best friend at her wedding reception.  

2014 has also been a year of learning - learning patience, tolerance..forgiveness.  Realizing that family, like branches on a tree all grow in different directions but our roots always remain as one.  Although we lost my Grandpa Jones this spring, we've recently received news from my sister-in-law that there will be a new member of the family making his/her grand debut in April 2015.  
And just like that, the circle of life continues.  
It strengthens the idea and need to live each and every day with no regrets.  

Dance everyday to the music of your soul and heed not to those who can't hear it. 

xo Blue Gnome 

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