Sunday, June 15, 2014

Early Draw

Good Morning and Happy Father's Day! 

With full intentions of sleeping in on this gorgeous Sunday morning, I've been up since 6am listening to the rest of the house snore and stir.  There's such loveliness in waking up early..watching the pale morning light filter though the curtains while enjoying a delicious cup of steaming hot tea.  And all this in the quiet and peacefulness that only a sleeping toddler can bring!  

So with all this uninterrupted time this morning, I thought I'd draw and announce the winner of this amethyst necklace early - as many of you may be busy with Father's Day gatherings today.
I've jotted all your lovely names down..and randomly selected two out of an antique coffee tin.
 The first name selected is the winner of the pictured necklace - the second name will receive a small         surprise giveaway in the mail.  

If you see your name in the images below, please contact me via personal message so I can get all your details.

I'd also like to thank everyone so very much for all your lovely comments! Without all of you, I wouldn't be able to do what I love..thank you, thank you, Thank You! xx

So will Jay Larkin and Kate McCormick please step forward..? 

                                                   Have a fantastic Father's Day everyone!!
xx BG

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