Thursday, February 27, 2014


I believe that some of us are born caretakers.  Though our roles within society may differ greatly from one another, those of us born to take care of others will always be drawn to those who need taking care of.  There are no boundaries of age or status, I believe it's simply mother nature's way of making sure that none of us slip through the cracks.  
Because let's face it, life can be pretty tough.  Sometimes it can be a downright jerk.  
So while tens and thousands of others around the world are being handed lemons on the same day as you, it must get pretty hairy trying to keep everyone's spirits afloat.  

And that's where these caretakers come in.  

They are the people in your life who are always there, the person who knows to pick up the phone and call, to give you that bone-crushing hug when you don't even know that you need it..the person who comes to pick up the pieces and put you together again when you've broken apart.

I'd like to think that everyone has someone like this in their life.  Some of us are pretty darn lucky and have more than one.  My grandma Jones, who passed away almost 5 years ago, had my grandpa.  At the age of 88, he's still the 6'3" daddy-long-legs he's always been and his shoes still look like gigantic boats to me as they did when I was 5 years old.   His wicked sense of humor still intact, grandpa is sharp as a tack and these days standing almost as tall as his original frame.  
He would come in for lunch at their weekend cottage in Bancroft, his hands dirty from working outside and as he saw me standing by the door would playfully scowl and growl under his breath, "I'm old and rough and dirty and tough!" and squealing, I'd run to find my grandma.  It became a 'grandpa saying' over the years while we were teenagers and thought ourselves too cool to find that funny, my brother and I would roll our eyes and try not to crack a smile.

Although he's getting on with life after grandma's passing, I know that we also lost a part of grandpa on that day she left us.  He doesn't believe in angels but in recent years has expressed a hope to see grandma again.  Hope.  And that's all we really need isn't it?  


I saw grandpa just last month while I was home in B.C.   One day as I helped him reach for his walker, he turned to me and with a tired wink he said, 
"Well kiddo, I'm old and rough and dirty and..well, not so tough anymore".  
It broke my heart.  
But looking on the brighter side, as a caretaker, what a life he's had.  
He's raised two sons and was able to take care of grandma until her very last breath.  And as his older sister's health began to decline, he was able to be her constant companion by telephone since his own health no longer allowed him to fly to be with her in Toronto.  

So for my caretaker grandpa, who will always be tough to me - and for all the other caretakers out there, thank you.  

Thank you for picking up the pieces that no one else sees, for helping people like me get through the toughest of days.  

A simple pendant, designed loosely with an angel in mind.  
Two power house stones - a healing amethyst and a prehnite, the stone of unconditional love.

To help point us in the forward direction when we lose our way.

xo Blue Gnome

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