Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Going cross-eyed

I've been craving colour lately, I feel like I've exhausted working with turquoise for the time being and reached for something a little different..seed beads!  Lovely, vibrantly hued, teenie weenie glass beads that have been making me go cross-eyed threading them.  I've heard that working with such tiny, finicky things have been therapeutic for some..maybe with some practice, I too will be able to enjoy working with them without wanting to throw them clear across the room after a few minutes.  Regardless, I'm loving the end results so I painstakingly carry on..

Inspired loosely by a recent visit to a Native American gallery exhibit, the workmanship and beadwork I saw there simply took my breath away.  A simple marrying of antiqued sterling silver and the vibrance of randomly strung seed beads, I'm quite in love with these.

Happy midweek everyone!

xo Blue Gnome


  1. Gorgeous beads and pops of color, Tina--those lapis earrings are beautiful! I've been a bit that way myself and have been rugging up in all my favorite brightly colored scarves whenever I venture outside. I laughed at your comment about going cross-eyed! I can see how easily that would happen; those beads are teeny tiny! I can commiserate, too. I tend to go a bit gaga after long stretches making itty bitty roses for my miniatures, half of which end up on the floor because my fingers are too big and clumsy! But as you said, definitely worth the effort!

    1. Yay. I just noticed you changed your banner photo! It's one of my absolute favorites!!!