Monday, August 5, 2013

Turquoise Love

There's just something about the look of turquoise against sun-kissed skin..a certain carefree elegance it lends to the simplest look.  Worn casually with cut-off shorts and a well-loved faded shirt or as a solitary accent with that little black dress that fits you perfectly every time, I've been a little turquoise obsessed.

I've also been pressing into these gorgeous metal canvases a little bit of summer - wildflowers and leaves, collected up at Five Maples, a small reminder of these lazy, hot summer days when the weather turns cool and brisk again.

I'm especially in love with these earrings!
Perfectly dangly and embossed with the leaves of the milkweeds that grow all over Five Maples - 
life giving sustenance to the monarch butterflies that will soon be getting ready for their incredible migration south.

Both items will be available in the shop mid-week.
Made with love from me to you.

xo Blue Gnome

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