Monday, November 19, 2012

Lions and Tigers and Bears..Oh My

Emily Carr - Totem Mother Kitawancool 1928 maybe not the lions and tigers but definitely bears.  

And the odd hare here and there.  

I've been working on a number of projects here, furiously working away these days.  An urgent gnawing at my creative bone the last few weeks and thankfully I've been finding the time here and there to keep up with myself.  The housework has gone a little neglected but I figure, at the end of the day, a happy Tina makes everyone's life a little easier to handle.  I can just see my friend T's head nodding enthusiastically at that..after many, many years of working and traveling together, he, of all people will readily agree that keeping me rested and well fed is the foundation to a compatible friendship.  

( ..if you're reading this post..I miss you!)  

Life lately has been throwing some curve balls in the form of some nice, juicy sour lemons his way.  Too fast and frequent to keep up with trying to make them into lemonade..hopefully a reprise soon.  
I will no doubt be receiving a scathing message in the next little while for mentioning him here.  In fact I'm counting on it..hopefully it'll fuel his drive to deal with all the obstacles as of late xo.

So as I was saying..

I've been busy lately.  
Maybe I should rephrase that to say that I've been busier than usual lately because my days of not being busy I think, are long over.  Some days have been so insane from morning till night that I've looked at myself in the mirror at the end of the day, flyaway face void of any makeup, and wanted to give myself a great big hug for being so damn fantastic.  But rather then risk getting caught standing there hugging myself, I leaned in close to the mirror until the tip of my nose was barely touching the glass 
and whispered,
"you're awesome".  

Because sometimes you need to hear it out loud.  

It makes it more real that way.

And the trick is, you have to believe yourself 100%.

Maybe that's why I've been creating totems lately, because when time is so precious in a busy life, it somehow makes creating something meaningful in that time more important.  
That's not to say that non-totem items are less meaningful..I create them because they have meaning to me and when you read the stories behind my work and feel a connection and draw to them, it's an incredible feeling for me to pack that item up and send it off to you.  
But these totems are a little different.  
You're not reacting to my stories or experiences..they call out to you because they've found in you, 
in your own experiences 
a home to call their own.  

The belief that an object, when infused with the right energy and created with faith can heal and protect oneself from harm and negativity, is really quite magical when you think about it.

Sterling & Coral 

Sterling & Boulder Opal


Just one word that holds within it so much power, mystery and infinite wisdom.

A totem is as magical as you believe it to be.

More totems will be available in my shop this week.

Happy Monday everyone, it's a beautiful November day here!

xo Blue Gnome


  1. You ARE awesome, Tina. =) As are your beautiful totems.

    I share your love of totems and the simple gift they are imbued with: the daily reminder of the magic that exists in me and around me, if I'm willing to see it. They are my touchstones.

    Hope your week is peppered with many more "awesome" moments!