Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Giveaway

As promised..a fall giveaway!  
I've been obsessed with all things warm and sunny as of late - maybe it's the sudden turn of weather..perhaps it's been life lately that's made me rediscover my priorities.  

A dear friend recently wrote to me, 
" Autumn brings forth warm thoughts. Brings forth an honesty in us all as I guess we too wayn at this juncture of life to the necessary and bare bones of our souls. I love autumn. Perfect time of year to observe and feel rooted to all life." 

As life comes to a slowing halt, when the blooms of summer shed their seeds and prepare for another season of slumber, we too prepare to nest - our pantries stocked with summers abundance, when afternoon BBQ's turn into cozy evening gatherings by the fire with our friends and family.

The fall giveaway will be all of these things captured in a simple, amber solitaire.

So drop me a line.  

I'd love to hear about what or who it is in your world that keeps you grounded, who's honesty and advice keeps you focused on your life's priorities?

This giveaway is open to all of my followers - if you'd like to participate, follow the Blue Gnome and  come along for the journey.  

I'd love to hear from you.

Submission will be welcome until October 28th, the winner announced here on Hallow's Eve!

And again, thanks for reading..and participating.  
Your support means more than you can imagine.

xo Blue Gnome


  1. Has anyone else had problems leaving a comment?

    Ash - Thank you for the heads up! Not sure why it's not accepting comments..I've readjusted the settings, please try again! xo

    1. Yup...seemed to work this time!

      (Now if only they wouldn't make those 'prove you're not a robot' CAPTCHAs so impossible to read!! Either that or I'm going blind as a bat!!) =)

  2. I love autumn and winter. It's when I feel more 'me' than at any other time of the year. The rest of the year I can rely on hubs to keep me grounded, whether it's laughing uproariously at something funny I said (and then marking it on the calendar, because--apparently--I'm only funny a few times a year!) or lovingly telling me I'm being an idiot when I am, in fact, being an idiot. He keeps me grounded all right, in a 'head first' kind of way!

    A wonderfully generous giveaway, Tina. I would love to win a dollop of your sunshine!


  3. Your hubby sounds like a true kindred spirit..with a wicked sense of humor! I personally also think I'm much funnier than my other half gives me credit for..hehe..thanks so much for sharing! xo

  4. Haha! I know, right! Such a curse when we're so much funnier in our own minds. And, worse yet, living with the knowledge that no other mortal being will ever know how truly brilliant we are! Our cross to bear, I suppose... =)

    (Yep. Hubby is a keeper. Always good when you can find that one person who'll help dust you off when you face-plant in this thing called life...especially when they laugh WITH you, and hardly ever AT you. Hardly ever...)

    Have a terrific weekend, Tina. Another trip out to your gorgeous Five Maples, or a cosy weekend at home??

    Ash xx

  5. Yes, it never seems to let me comment on anything, but this is such a lovely ring and perfect to help bring some light through this upcoming dark winter.

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  7. Believe or not my boxer keeps me in the present more important things in life. i.e. walks with lots of fresh air, playing around instead of in my head thinking and most of all cuddling when he needs it or when I need it :) His energy is the colour of your ring, bright, happy and beautiful.

  8. I would have to say it is my friend since I was 3 (I am now almost 50!) who keeps me grounded. When you know somebody for that long, it is like they are an extension of you - but looking at you from the outside. Great for extra perspective!

    Beautiful ring!

  9. Friends are truly the foundations of our lives - furry and four legged or the two legged kind! :) I love hearing that your boxer has a golden energy, they are such wonderful breeds! And your friend since the age of 3..well, you certainly are blessed to have such a rich friendship! Thank you so much for writing in! xo BG