Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Five Maples

Things are slowing down.

As I woke up this morning, I could feel a slight bite on my nose from the coolness of the bedroom air, the days are slower to start and there's nowhere better on mornings like this than the warm, coziness of our bed.  
I ran down the hallway and wrapped up an already awake but sleepy Leo tightly in my arms, then on tip toes, hurried back to the warmth of our bed, both of us cuddled snugly underneath the warmth of the flannel sheets and mountain of quilts.  
With squeals of pure delight, Leo seemed to agree.

This month has had it's share of dark days.  
Yesterday was another tough one as I prepared emotionally to say good bye to yet another dear friend.

This latest news sent me reeling, a hit that still had in it the aftershock of another friends passing earlier this month.  
The body and mind grieves in it's own good time, in its own way, with no rhyme or reason to it.  Suddenly sobbing with no visible trigger, body wracking sobs whilst unloading groceries from the car.  And as the sadness recedes 
anger rears its ugly head 
rage at the unfairness, the helplessness..trying desperately to find a reasonable explanation behind it all when there never is.

 This weekend we took a short drive up to our property, just over an hour outside of the insanity of the city lies 50 acres of blessed serenity.  
And upon these 50 acres of gorgeous rolling hills where the trees are just starting to be kissed by the crimson and golden hues of autumns paintbrush 
live 5 majestic maple trees.  
A power spot if ever there was one, you follow a slight bend in the path and there they stand..old and wise, as if there since the beginning of time.  
Like guardians of the forest they stand, larger than life and proud.

  It was quite breezy that day and as the wind swirled up, up and around the gnarled trunks and into the leaves and branches above, 
these wise trees had a lot to say.  
Never intrusive, always gentle, whispering words of love and wisdom into my soul.  
And as I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply I could feel my exhaustion fall away, 
the tightness in my chest that had been there for days now 
loosen it's grip on my heavy, heavy heart.  

It's the cycle of life.  

As people are taken from us, we also rejoice in the welcoming of new souls, tiny, innocent beings who will be making their way through our world.  
All we can do is greet each and every day with a new canvas, ready to leave yesterday behind and not worry so much about tomorrow.  
Hug those loved ones tightly and keep them close to your heart.  
Those who you deem not worthy of your time, let them go and hold no grudges.

Though the days have been dark lately, 
I find comfort in knowing 
that this too 
shall pass.

xo Blue Gnome

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